My Premier League Fantasy Football Team 2015/16 Season

This season I have chosen to concentrate on the official Premier League Fantasy Football competition.

The Premier League fantasy football competition allows you to select a squad of fifteen players. You need to rotate your squad each week to cater for injuries, suspensions or form and limited transfers are permitted throughout the season. There are also three wildcard options which can be used to boost points:

  • All Out Attack which allows you a more attacking formation with only two defenders. The thinking being that attackers tend to score more points than defenders.
  • Triple Captain where your captains points are trebled.
  • Bench boost where the players on your bench are also able to score points.


Transfers play a key part in this competition so you can afford to take a few risks with players, if you pick the same players that everyone else is picking then you are only going to do well when they do. The trick is to pick the popular players who do the best and pick a few less popular players who perform above expectations.

One of the popular players I have left out is Aguero. He is a great player and bound to score a lot of points but his value is so much higher than other great players that picking him would have weakened my side considerably. I prefer to have six or seven very good players than two excellent ones.

I am hoping that Depay will have a big impact this season, Bojan may seem an unlikely pick but he was excellent at points last season and now seems to be over his long term injury, he could be a huge point scorer in an exciting Stoke side. I think Zouma will play quite a significant role for Chelsea this season and I think he will get some assists as well as clean sheets. Cazorla, Eriksen, Kane and Hazard are all sure to score bags of points!

Fantasy Team 2015.16

What do you think of my selection?

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My Fantasy Team 2014/15

My Premier League Fantasy Team for the 2014/15 Season

As you will notice, my fantasy football team for the 14/15 season is slightly more conservative than in previous years. I have selected the majority of my players from teams expected to challenge for the title or compete for a champions league position. This may be due to the Telegraph’s valuation of players being more generous which means you can fit more great players into your team.

Feel free to comment on my selections below or use my team as a starting point for your own selection.

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My Fantasy Team 2013/14

Focusing on the Telegraph Fantasy Football competition this year. I like the Telegraph competition for the following reasons:

  • Its free to enter
  • Scoring rules are straightforward
  • Players are valued quite fairly
  • Its really easy to set up private leagues with your mates.

The usual basic tips apply when selecting your team. See my previous post for the details but below are the key points:

  1. Study the scoring system
  2. Decide where most of your points will come from (goals, assists, clean sheets?)
  3. Choose a formation
  4. Study last seasons stats (goals per minute, injury history etc)
  5. Research pre-season information (signings, probable starting line ups, form etc)

So with all that in mind I have gone ahead and picked my provisional XI for the 2013/14 season. Obviously a lot can change between now and the first game of the season, signings, sales and injuries in particular, so I will tweak just before the big kick-off.

Here is my team as it currently stands:

fantasy football team 13.14

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My Fantasy Team 2012/13

Okay so the 2012/13 season is almost upon us and its that time when friends or people at work are sorting out fantasy football leagues. I have chosen to concentrate on the Sky Sports fantasy football this season as I found it enjoyable last season. You don’t have to make substitutions constantly and I like the points system.

As usual it is difficult to pick a team before the season starts as many squads are still taking shape. Its hard to know who will still be signed and which players will begin the season as first choice.

I have gone for a relatively risky selection. In the past I have been fairly conservative, opting for proven point scorers over unkown quantities, the problem with this is that the proven players (Lampard, Rooney etc) are very expensive and mean you have to accept weaknesses in other areas of the team. Initially my Spurs bias led me to pick Lennon, Sigurdsson and Walker, however I ended up with too many very cheap players as a result. Instead I took out Walker and Lennon and replaced them with Puncheon and Lambert, this allowed me to strengthen the rest of my team. I would now say my team looks strong in all areas.

Joe Hart – Played every game for champions Man City keeping clean sheets in half of his games in the process. A no brainer!

Nemanja Vidic – Injured for most of last season but a proven quality player in a team which will get a few clean sheets. He also pops up with the odd goal.

Vincent Kompany – One of the players of the season in 2011/12, a superb defender in a Man City team which keeps plenty of clean sheets.

Ian Harte – Reading defender who can score free kicks. Not expecting many clean sheets but this is one of my gamble selections.

Jason Puncheon – Quick and powerfull wide attacker who may have to settle for appearances from the bench initially. I have a feeling he will get a few goals early on and get a run in the team as a result. Again, bit of a gamble.

Gylfi Sigurdsson – Had a great season with Swansea in 2011/12 with 7 goals in 17 starts. Will play a key part in the Spurs attack this season so should get goals and assists.

Eden Hazard – Havent seen too much of him but if you believe the hype (from him) he is going to bang the goals in. I can see Chelsea challenging for the title this season so wanted either Hazard or Ramires in my team.

Shinji Kagawa – Again dont know too much about him but I understand he is the real deal, Man Utd are desperate for a quality attacking midfielder and he could well be the answer. If he plays most games he will inevitably get plenty of points in the Man Utd attack.

Santi Cazorla – Not a prolific goal scorer but can take a free kick and should get plenty of assists in an Arsenal side which usually scores plenty of goals. Was hard as a Spurs fan to put and Arsenal player in my team but I think he will be a very good signing for them.

Fernando Torres – Never picked him in a fantasy team before, always thought there were better players around for the money, however after a lean spell his price has dropped slightly in comparison to other top strikers. He was lucky to score in the Champions league final and lucky to play in the Spain side which won the European cup but these successes will have done his confidence the world of good. Chelsea will score lots of goals this season and with Torres the main striker he is my tip for top goal scorer in 2012/13.

Rickie Lambert – Scored 27 goals in 39 games last season, takes pens and will worry even the best premier league defenders. A bargain at £6.8m.

Feel freee to comment on my selection.

Also, I have created a Sky Sports league for readers of this site, just click here and then enter the league name “fantasyfootballtipscouk” and the pin is 8024936

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Premier League Fantasy Football Team Selection 2012/13

Here are some general tips on selecting a winning fantasy football team in the Barclay Premier League this season.

  1. Study the rules and scoring structure in your chosen league (see a selection of the best fantasy leagues on the right of this page). For example, if you have chosen to enter the Telegraph’s fantasy league; you only pick 11 players with no subs and the scoring system is quite generous to defenders. 4 points can be earned for every clean sheet, only a point less than any player scoring a goal. Bear these things in mind when choosing your team. Strikers tend to be much more expensive than defenders so perhaps you will get better value for money with top defenders. When choosing a league consider whether you have the time and dedication to be making regular substitutions.
  2. Decide which area of your team will earn most of your points. I guess this is expanding on the previous point. Once you have assessed the scoring structure you should decide on whether you will invest in top players in defense, midfield or attack. Once you have made up your mind you can move onto choosing your formation.
  3. Choosing a formation. If you are going to focus on getting assist and goals you will want to pick a lot of midfielders who play for high scoring teams. A 3-5-2 formation would be suitable, perhaps with a few proven high scorers like Lampard, Bale and Nani for example and a couple of slightly cheaper players, maybe new signings like Marin or Sigurdsson. You will also want at least one dependable high scoring striker in the Rooney or Van Persie bracket. Obviously if you are concentrating on a good defense and clean sheets go for 4 or 5 at the back and sign your defenders first.
  4. Check last seasons stats. Research which teams are good at keeping clean sheets, which players get lots of assists, take set pieces and rarely get booked or injured. Also have a look at the promoted teams, the Barclays Premier League is unpredictable and promoted teams have been relatively successful in recent seasons. There are often bargains to be found here!
  5. Read up on pre season performances. Which players have signed for new clubs and how are they likely to perform this season? You will need a few players that everyone else isn’t going for, if one or two of these pay off it can shoot you up the league tables.

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